eComply Solutions LLC is a technology and services firm that helps owners and their representatives reduce the cost and stress of managing compliance.

Our comprehensive approach combines real-world knowledge of program and project level requirements with advanced technology and proven professional services.

As a result, eComply’s clients receive tailored solutions that empower users to cost-effectively streamline compliance management, reduce fraud, and access compliance and economic impact data in real-time.

eComply was created to address challenges for agencies who were struggling to manage labor compliance requirements related to Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage, frequent rate changes, time-consuming processes, growing networks of contractors and subcontractors, extensive paperwork and rising costs.

Other systems in the market lacked the expertise to manage compliance regulations or the flexibility necessary to customize for each agency’s differing needs.

The concept was originally born from a small construction management firm that needed a flexible solution to manage the risks of the state agencies they were serving. Even at that time, the core team recognized that every state agency has different needs and forcing them to use a “one size fits all” software created more problems than it solved.

This is what propelled them on a quest to create a simple to use–yet customizable–solution. This system became a reality in 2010.

As more and more clients began recognizing how important it was to find a system that was tailored to their specific needs, the system grew from automating prevailing wage management, to also assisting with many other related tracking needs such a diversity management (M/WBE), payments, field inspections, daily logs, trucking schedules, and more.

Today, eComply Solutions is a fully independent company that serves state agencies across the United States. eComply’s secure and scalable web-based application has registered thousands of contractors, processed millions of certified payrolls and managed billions of dollars in construction costs.

eComply is currently being used in 49 of the 50 U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico, and our presence continues to grow each year.

We work with agencies across all different industries, including energy, housing, transportation, education, finance, and port authorities.

What Our Clients Say

National Leader in Sustainable Energy

"[The eComply team] is very responsive. We’ve been very happy with that, sometimes we wonder, ‘Are we the only client?’ So we really appreciate that level of responsiveness and attention to our needs."

Housing Authority in the Midwest

"[The customer support team] is super! I can’t emphasize that enough. Feedback is always instant, always accurate, and always informative. It makes things a lot easier for [us]."

Transportation Authority in the South

"We love the ability to customize. We are able to come to the table and say, ‘We love the concept of this, but can we do it a different way?’ [eComply] says, ‘Sure.’ Not everybody is able to offer that."

Large Agency in New York City

"eComply is not required on our projects. But I have this labor compliance officer here who loves it so much that he has every contractor on his projects use the software. And on the other side, I have some GCs who will not work with any subcontractors who do not use the software because the GCs love it too."

Major Department of Transportation

"Any system can manage [some reports]. I can program Access to do that, but the ability for customized reports, and more importantly, labor-compliance focused reports, is great. Any industry that is looking to be labor-compliance focused, that’s what this system [can deliver]."