The Best Fit in Customized Single Source Solutions for Owners

eComply delivers owner-only focused tailored solutions that empower users to cost-effectively streamline compliance management, reduce fraud, and access compliance and economic impact data in real-time.

Single Source Means Less Moving Parts

Unlike our competitors, we are a single source solution for both compliance management / prevailing wage, as well as diversity programs (SWMDBE). As a result, the pain in integrating costly systems outside your organization is removed, and you are left instead with a single unified database that allows you to correlate any information at the certified payroll level to any certification or contract need you have.div

Never Worry About Audits Again

Every activity and history of that activity is tracked in our system. In fact, one of our clients has used our system to recover at least $1 million in restitution in the last year. Imagine not only passing audits with flying colors, but also being exemplary among your peers!

Best In Class Security

Excellent security—even in the virtual world—starts at the physical level, which includes geo-redundant datacenters, carrier-neutral connectivity and 100% power guarantee from backup generators. All our facilities also meet or exceed SSAE 16 Type II compliance, including 24x7x365 monitoring with biometric multi-stage access at mantraps, keyrooms and cages. Within the application itself, we have both in-place AES 256-bit database encryption, as well as SHA-2 / 2048 bit SSL encryption for transport.

Dramatically Improve Team Productivity

Instead of having your staff spend endless hours calculating information in excel or hunt for data, they will instead be empowered to analyze that data and understand its impact.

Become the Authoritative Source of Information

Once you have a unified data repository, you will be able to confidently provide information on how your program is doing against established goals and initiatives. When you are able to make data-driven decisions in a fraction of the time it used to take you, you wield the power to make effective changes for your organization and beyond.

Automated Labor Compliance Solution


Available for project-specific or organization-wide use


Our REST Web Services API allows seamless integration at different levels with in-house systems


Lets you assign access roles and responsibilities on an individual basis


Tracks federal Davis Bacon requirements, state and local prevailing wages, and workforce utilization goals


SHA-2 2048 bit SSL certificate on the HTTPS level, 256-bit AES SQL Server based encryption at the database level, and extensive cyber liability coverage

Maintenance Free

Requires no installation or maintenance, software-as-a-service solution accessible from any location with Internet connectivity